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February 2011

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Innovative Workforce Mobile Outreach Skills Training (M.O.S.T.®) Program To be Presented to the Legislators

(M.O.S.T.® Mobile Training Unit will be available for tours)

FRANKFORT, KY - On Tuesday, March 1, 2011, the Mobile Outreach Skills Training (M.O.S.T.®) program, one of the country’s most innovative program for delivering workforce training, will be highlighted at the State Capitol in Frankfort. The M.O.S.T.® state-of-the-art mobile training unit will also be available for tours. The program, developed by Time Wise Management Systems, which comes to Kentucky from Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Florida and Mississippi, has won widespread support for helping hundreds of unemployed workers obtain manufacturing jobs.

“We’re pleased to showcase the M.O.S.T.® mobile training program to Kentucky legislators,” said Dr. Claudia Follet, Director of Grants and Partnership Development for Time Wise. “Manufacturing jobs are out there for workers with the right skill set. Utilizing the mobile unit we can demonstrate how innovative solutions can help unemployed workers acquire good jobs, even in these tough economic times.”

Implemented most recently by workforce systems in six states, the mobile training project brings together manufacturers who have job openings with applicants seeking employment. A two-week intensive customized curriculum is developed to teach trainees the skills needed by the manufacturer. This unique approach has resulted in an extraordinarily high job placement rate of over 90 percent.

Information about the M.O.S.T.® program will be provided to legislators at a luncheon sponsored by Time Wise Management Systems on Tuesday, March 1 at 11:30 am in the Capital Annex Legislative dining room. Tours of the MTU will commence at 12:30 pm outside the Capital Annex.

Editor’s Note: Members of the media are invited to tour the mobile training unit.