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March 2010

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Specialized Mobile Job Training Facility Offers Glimpse into Unique Facility

GRENADA, MS - Today locals were offered a look into a unique mobile training facility temporarily located at Luvata in Grenada. The Rapid Advanced Manufacturing Placement program, or RAMP, is a two-week mobile job training program financed through federal stimulus funds designed to help workers sharpen their manufacturing skills.

Housed in a mobile unit outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, the two-week intensive training program teaches workers the latest in manufacturing technology, improving their skills and heightening their chances for job placement. RAMP’s mobility enables it to go to where the unemployed are, making it not only a unique workforce training program but a timely one as well.

The $500,000 RAMP program is being implemented through a partnership involving Three Rivers Planning and Development District, the Mississippi Partnership, Delta Workforce Investment Area and Time Wise Management Systems. The program is provided at no cost to employers and is funded by a grant from the Governor’s office.

“The Rapid Advanced Manufacturing Placement (RAMP) program is designed to assist entry-level workers interested in working with manufacturing,” commented Gary Golden, Three Rivers Planning and Development District WIA Adult Program Director. “We will be working with local manufacturers like Luvata to determine their hiring needs, then recruiting dislocated workers, low-income individuals and veterans for an assessment and intensive job skills training program. The training is in a special mobile facility on-site, so trainees have exposure to their potential employers. While jobs are not guaranteed, the trainees are interviewed for the available jobs of that employer.”

“This is a wonderful opportunity that reinforces our commitment to develop our employees,” commented Derrick Austin, Director of Human Resources at Luvata. “When an organization offers to train your employees, it’s an opportunity that is hard to refuse, especially when we depend on a highly-trained workforce. It enables us to reduce the amount of time it takes for an employee to become productive.”

Grenada Economic Development District Executive Director Pablo Diaz also commented on the new program. “Grenada is proud to see Luvata be the poster child for the RAMP program in Mississippi. In these challenging economic times, we salute the Governor’s office’s relentless support for economic development and their foresight in funding a program that makes an immediate, positive difference for both employers and employees. We look forward to seeing more companies take advantage of this unique opportunity.”

Time Wise Management Systems, Inc., was founded in 1998 as a Lean business consulting company working with both nonprofit and for-profit entities. Today it provides products and consulting services to increase productivity, revenue and economic impact.

Three Rivers Planning & Development District, Inc., serves as the fiscal/administrative agent for The Mississippi Partnership, one of four workforce investment areas in the state of Mississippi designated to carry out the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA). The Mississippi Partnership workforce area covers 27 counties in north and northeast Mississippi and is governed by a 62-member board and 27 Chief Elected Officials. The Mississippi Partnership is responsible for establishing and maintaining a workforce system that provides the highest quality services while providing a skilled workforce.