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June 2010

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BATESVILLE, MS - Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour and GE Aviation General Manager for Composite Centers of Excellence Jerry Kroger joined in praising the work of Time Wise Management Systems Mobile Outreach Skills Training (M.O.S.T) program in preparing new workers for skilled training at the GE Aviation facility here.

Referring to the M.O.S.T. program, Governor Barbour said, “This program is a great tool to have trained workers and do it in short order.” Looking back to the beginning of his administration, the Governor noted the lack of emphasis on workforce development that has since been a key emphasis of his administration.

“When the vice chairman of GE announced that his company would be locating a sophisticated composite fan blade facility in North Mississippi, he said ‘this is the most sophisticated manufacturing we do anywhere in he world, and we will do it in Batesville, Mississippi,’” the Governor said. “There was a time that would have been a disconnect. GE loves it (workforce training), and we will add to the workforce as the plant continues to grow,” the Governor continued.

“This is about more than getting a job,” the Governor added, “It is attaining skills for a career.”

GE Aviation’s Kroger noted that the training provided by M.O.S.T is very important to GE in that they will work on self-directed work teams where they will help lead and make decisions. The Batesville plant opened in 2008 and currently employs 160 employees. The workforce will grow to more than 200 by 2011.

Kroger commented that their current workforce needs exceed the company’s original projections by 20 percent. The State’s commitment to helping provide a skilled labor pool through various tools including Time Wise has been a major reason for GE Aviation’s success in Batesville. Kroger presented the Governor’s Office a fan blade manufactured by GE Aviation as a token of appreciation to him and the State for the support they have provided to the facility.

Delta Workforce Investment Area Director Mitzi Woods said GE Aviation is taking advantage of training opportunities being provided by Time Wise Management Systems through the D-STAMP Program funded by the Governor’s office and administered by the Delta Workforce Development Area.

Time Wise Management Systems, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1998 as a Lean business consulting company working with both nonprofit and for-profit entities. Time Wise has grown into a diversified consulting company with international experience and a staff of over 100 professionals, including 70 full-time Lean consultants and a number of strategic partners.

Working with businesses in all sectors, Time Wise recognizes the need for rapid, mobile entry-level training. Their Mobile Outreach Skills Training prepares workers, often disadvantaged, for skilled jobs and places them in well-paying entry level positions after two weeks of intensive training.

D-STAMP, the Disadvantaged Short-Term Advanced Manufacturing Program, is a mobile job training initiative that will work with Delta companies at no cost to quickly train workers for highly skilled jobs. Governor Barbour funded the program through a $300,000 grant as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Barber recently commented, “D-STAMP is the type of innovative approach we need to quickly prepare workers in the Mississippi Delta for the highly technical jobs our state is attracting. I thank all our partners for bringing D-STAMP to Mississippi companies, and I appreciate the commitment of GE Aviation to Mississippi.”

The Delta Workforce Investment Area and South Delta Planning and Development District are assisting with implementation of the program.

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